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Tag: security

Security Engineering

December 6, 2014

As cited by Ben Goldacre writing in the Guardian, this book looks interesting….


Top Priorities for CIO’s over coming year

November 9, 2014

Full Report here


Enabling Patient Access to Their Data

April 27, 2013


A British Government report in the UK has recommended that patients should be given full access to their personal health records: “The review goes far beyond the government’s target that by 2015 GP practices in England must offer online access to records to patients – so far just 61 out of 6,200 surgeries have done so.” This will undoubtedly raise the spectre of security but if these issues could be addressed, it is obvious that this could have a positive impact on patient safety.


CloudCracker…useful cracking cloud service

February 26, 2012



In praise of ComboFix…

October 9, 2011
Recently I was, well my laptop was, subjected to a piece of rootkit malware ( that intercepted Google and Bing search result clicks and took the guts of a day to resolve. This malware was particularly mischievous in that it prevented AVG from being installed, crashed Windows Defender, crashed turning on Windows Firewall and also was not detected by SpyHunter or Sophos Rootkit detector. 

Thankfully ComboFix cleaned the entire problem up after scanning for approximately an hour and removing any suspicious files.