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Tag: mobile development

Code School

April 27, 2013

Very useful site,, for learning JavaScript, HTML/CSS and iOS development. Only $25 per month



Device Sniffing Script

November 18, 2012
Excellent simple script posted on by user Jorgesys.

It will detect iphone, iPad, Android and then
you can bounce to the mobile version of your site.

This has worked successfully for me but if
you need a more comprehensive API check out MobileESP and here


The death of Nokia

February 11, 2011

Cannot believe Nokia are going to go with Windows Phone 7!?! IMO a huge mistake that is going to increase Androids market share, which is not a bad thing.


Create mobile apps without SDKs (Part 2)

December 11, 2010

Following up from previous post,another service providing a way of creating mobile apps without the required SDKs but this time only for Android. Click here to find out more:

Which mobile platform should I develop on?

November 17, 2010

Been looking at this for a long time and finding it hard to find a solid reason to pick one mobile platform over another…At the moment I am thinking of starting on Nokia using Qt for Symbian, the market share alone is staggering and also the relatively low start-up cost. However Android does look very impressive and I have Java experience…This discussion on StackOverFlow is very useful


Visual Basic Community Technology Preview for Windows Phone 7

November 17, 2010

Available to download here

Create mobile apps without SDKs

November 16, 2010

PhoneGap are providing a way of creating mobile apps on their site without the required SDKs. Click here to find out more:


Nokia to focus solely on Qt

November 16, 2010

Nokia have announced they are to focus solely on Qt and phase out Java:

Click here to read full article

Stanford iPhone Application Development

July 16, 2010

Excellent iPhone development course provided by Stanford.

iPhone Programming Course for Beginners

May 18, 2010

Got this in my inbox today via linkedin, a private Interactive iPhone Training Program provided by Looks very promising and costs only $200, below is an illustratiion of everything that is offered (oh and you don’t need to have a Mac, you can logon to one remotely).