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Tag: irish diaspora

Jim Dwyer on ‘About New York’

September 11, 2011

For the day that is in it…

Monsignor Hugh O’ Flaherty

March 6, 2011
I saw this film during Christmas and the full story featured in Friday’s Irish Times. Monsignor Hugh O’Flaherty was an Irish priest based in the Vatican during WW2 and he helped Allied servicemen evade capture and inevitable torture. This brought him to the attention of the Nazi’s and more specifically Herbert Kappler the Gestapo chief at the time in Rome who was determined to have him assassinated. Thankfully the Nazi’s did not succeed and Monsignor O’ Flaherty survived and incredibly became ‘pals’ with Kappler after the war. HughFlaherty

Sir Hans Sloane

March 6, 2011

Sir Hans Sloane was born in Killyleagh Co. Down and is credited with being the founder of the British Museum by donating his collection of books, prints, flora, fauna upon his death in 1753.

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