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Tag: history

A Global guide to the first world war

July 19, 2015


George Boole Bicentenary in 2015

December 6, 2014

Nelson Mandela R.I.P

December 6, 2013


D-Day to Victory

June 21, 2012
image Amazing Flash website for D-Day to Victory documentary on History Channel.

Samuel Pepys–The Worlds first DBA?

February 24, 2012

Irish Treaty Negotiations: British Pathé Treaty newsreel

December 6, 2011

Search engine collects historical resources

March 23, 2010

Search engine collects historical resources

Albrecht Durer: Irish Soldiers and Peasants

February 25, 2010

Today I read about Albrecht Durer’s painting of Irish mercenaries and their servants from an Irish Times article . The caption on the work states: “Thus go the soldiers of Ireland, beyond England/Thus go the poor (peasants) of Ireland.” What is most interesting about the piece is that it is unknown what they were doing there at this time? According to the Irish Times piece“While Irish soldiers did find service as mercenaries in the Low Countries in the 16th century, 1521 is relatively early to find them so doing.” There is an interesting book in this me thinks?


Rare footage of JFK

February 20, 2010

Rare home movie footage of JFK arriving in Dallas on the day of his assassination has been released this week:



The Chieftains: San Patricio

February 20, 2010

Ashamed to say I never heard of this story until reading about it in yesterdays Irish Times (Read it here). It is about a group of Irish soldiers who switch sides a la Braveheart to fight against the US for Mexico in the 1846 – 1848 war. The Chieftains and Ry Cooder have written an album telling this story that includes Liam Neeson narrating a song called March To Battle. The best part of the interview in the Irish Times for me is Paddy Moloney’s hilarious summation of the entire conflict and another conflict not a million miles from home: “…it really is a typical kind of Irish story …about the terrible time we had with the neighbours who came to visit and forgot to go back!”