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Tag: Data Visualisation

Tufte Anecdote

December 20, 2013


From, an anecdote of when Edward Tufte was invited to cast a critical eye over their latest documentation engine:

we were very proud of our user interface and the fact that we had a way to browse 16,000(!!) pages of documentation on a CD-ROM.  But browsing the hierarchy felt a little complicated to us. So we asked [Edward] Tufte to come in and have a look, and were hoping perhaps for a pat on the head or some free advice. He played with our AnswerBook for about 90 seconds, turned around, and pronounced his review:

"Dr Spock’s Baby Care is a best-selling owner’s manual for the most complicated ‘product’ imaginable — and it only has two levels of headings.  You people have 8 levels of hierarchy and I haven’t even stopped counting yet.  No wonder you think it’s complicated."


August 9, 2013

Easy, object oriented client side graphs for designers and developers…Thank you to Phil Factor for tweeting this. Here is a very helpful tutorial to get you started:

Stop Talking, Start Making

July 7, 2013

GENERAL ASSEMBLY is a fantastic learning resource for designers, developers, data people and marketers. Only criticism is the terrible URL: 

Edward Tufte – Data Visualization

June 15, 2013


Great book from Edward Tufte that explains that how to “escape from the flatlands of both paper and computer screen, showing superb displays of high-dimensional complex data.” Available to buy directly from the following link

Some Data Visualization References

November 18, 2012
Some excellent references for data visualization from .net magazine and also The Guardian visually

Data Visualisation JavaScript Library

May 17, 2012
d3js_icon If you need to create data visualizations, this JavaScript library called D3.js created by Mike Bostock is very useful.

Some knowledge of HTML5, SVG and CSS is required. There are tutorials available on github to get started.


April 2, 2012
A new book called Information Graphics by Julius Wiedemann explores the development of data visualizations and info graphics. Taschen-book-skyscrapers-005

New Data Visualization Website

December 5, 2010

A new website is available at that showcases many ways of presenting data. There is sample data on the site that allows you to try for yourself.


Improving data visualisation

March 2, 2010

A project to improve data visualisation for the public sector has been initiated by the Oxford Consultants for Social Inclusion  (OCSI).

It has several examples of how to present data in innovative ways