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Tag: blogengine.NET

Adding “AddThis” links to

December 1, 2010

It would probably be best to write an extension for this but in the meantime do this. In the themes folder go to the theme you are currently using for your blog. In this folder open the user control PostView.ascx and then go to the bookmarks DIV. Comment out the rel=”nofollow” tag and replace it with the code generated by AddThisas shown below:

<!– AddThis Button BEGIN JH DEC 2010
        <div class=”addthis_toolbox addthis_default_style “>
        <a href=”;username=xa-4cf6b59760c9be73″ class=”addthis_button_compact”>Share</a>
        <span class=”addthis_separator”>|</span>
        <a class=”addthis_button_preferred_1″></a>
        <a class=”addthis_button_preferred_2″></a>
        <a class=”addthis_button_preferred_3″></a>
        <a class=”addthis_button_preferred_4″></a>
        <script type=”text/javascript” src=”″></script>
        <!– AddThis Button END –>

Configuring blogengine email alerts for comments etc

March 10, 2010

I had a problem configuring this locally in an organisation, turned out that McAfee was blocking it. Did the following and this fixed it:

Ensure that “Prevent Mass Mails from Sending Worms” is turned off in McAfee on the webserver


How do I Extend Blogengine.Net to collect statistics of visitors?

March 4, 2010

Read it here >>

Using Windows Live Writer with BlogEngine.Net

February 25, 2010

Thanks to Chad Green for his detailed description of how to configure Windows Live Writer with BlogEngine

Creating customised themes for BlogEngine.Net

February 24, 2010

Al Nyvekdt has an excellent webcast explaining how to create custom themes for BlogEngine.Net

Creating an RSS feed with comments only from BlogEngine.Net

February 24, 2010

Simply take the URL for the regular/default RSS feed and append ?comments=show to the end.

Example default feed URL is http://MY_WEB_SERVER/BLOG_ENGINE/syndication.axd

so change this to http://MY_WEB_SERVER/BLOG_ENGINE/syndication.axd?comments=show

BlogEngine.NET extension SEO pack

February 12, 2010 SEO pack available for download from

BlogEngine.NET SEO

February 12, 2010

Matti Lehtinan explains how to improve for SEO